Marine Ecotoxicology

Diplom-Biologe Dr. Armin Herbert - Consultant

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Applied Software


To perform my work at a high quality level, I use powerful  open-source software. The advantage of open-source software is based on the concept, that it allows the cooperation of excellent software developers and informations scientists world-wide. The development of this software is not limited to the cooperation within single software companies. High-performance software developers from universities cooperate with colleagues from diverse and different companies. The software I use for my work has been predominantly developed at universities. Results are quite frequentily programs and software packages, which are equivalent to commercial software or even exceed commercial products.

Personnally, I am proud to use open-source software, which meets the highest standards in quality and performance:

  • for statistics, data mining and graphical visualization the statistical system R with suitable extension packages and the software package DataMelt
  • the visualization software SciDAVis
  • for data mining the software RapidMiner, and  KNIME
  • for time series analyses JMulTi
  • for visualization of spatial data the GIS software Quantum GIS
  • the object-relational database management system PostgreSQL for database development
      with the extension PostGIS for spatial data
  • for development of particular database software and software for statistics and data mining the programming languages Java and Python