Marine Ecotoxicology

Diplom-Biologe Dr. Armin Herbert - Consultant

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Marine Ecotoxicology - Dr. Armin Herbert



Utilization of marine resources includes fisheries as well as tourism and recreation. These Dr. Armin Herbertutilizations are of tremendous social and economic value. However, they are severely impacted and threatened by marine pollution. Marine ecotoxicology is a powerful and effective science to investigate marine pollution and its effects on marine ecosystems, indicating need for proper action in marine environmental protection and management of marine resources.

Marine environmental protection assures fisheries, tourism, the atmosphere as indispensable ressource of global life and conservation of species diversity against other human utilizations such as waste dump and effluent discharge, transport and other offshore activities.

I offer consultant services with a wide scope within marine ecotoxicology:

  • Database development for storage and managemment of marine ecotoxicologal data
  • Statistical data analysis and graphic / cartographic data visualization
  • Advanced multivariate statistics and data mining
  • Design and planning of marine ecotoxicologal field and laboratory studies
  • Survey and review of literature concerning marine ecotoxicology
  • Preparation of reports and manuscripts for scientific articles and monographs
  • Development and maintenance of internet websites related to marine ecotoxicology and marine environmental research